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76-28 Parsons Blvd. 2nd floor Fresh Meadows, NY 11366
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Below are the relevant forms and applications:


Rental Application:

Each student applicant  must complete the top portion of the application and have their guarantor fill out the bottom portion.

 Online Application form »


Guarantor Form:

One parent of each student applicant must sign and notarize the guarantor form.

 Guarantor Form




Additional Requirements:

Each student applicant must send in a copy of their State and School Identifications and their guarantors must send in proof of income

Acceptable proof of income: W-2 Form, two most recent pay stubs, or an income tax return.

All required information should be emailed to Info@Storm-Living.com or Faxed to 516-539-3545.


In addition to being faxed or emailed, the original guarantor form must be mailed to:

Storm Living LLC
76-28 Parsons Blvd. (2nd Floor)

Fresh Meadows, NY 11366



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